HIGHQ Psilocybin Capsules McKennaii – 6 X 500mg

Not much information is available about this newer strain, but it’s believed to have been named for famed ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna. Prior to his passing (RIP T. McKenna), he spent much of his life advocating for the safe use of psychedelics. With thick stems and brown caps this rare strain is more difficult to grow than the typical Psilocybe cubensis, but provides a bountiful yield. Effects are extremely visual and highly philosophical, therefore should be taken only by experienced users.

HIGHQ Psilocybin Capsules 500mg.  6 vegan capsules containing :

500mg Psilocybe (psychoactive)

Recommended dose: Take 1 capsule, then wait 2 hours before taking another if desired effects



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