Huautla HIGHQ Micro Dose Psilocybin Capsules 100mg

Huautla HIGHQ Micro Dose Psilocybin Capsules 100mg.  20vegan capsules. Huautla (pronounces “wet-la”) is a species of Psilocybe Cubensis named after a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico.  This variety was the first psychedelic mushroom introduced to modern society by Maria Sabina, known as “the priestess of mushrooms”. Huautla are typically a medium sized fungi of moderate potency, with a noticeable cone-like cap. At higher doses, they are known to elicit meaningful spiritual experiences, permeated with intense feeling of love, unity and a sense of connection.  Many individuals that have integrated micro dosing psilocybin into their lifestyle report  higher levels of creativity, energy, focus, and improved interpersonal skills. Some enthusiasts report that psilocybin helps to heighten spiritual awareness and enhances their senses.  Psychedelic researchers have found largely positive effects of psilocybin mushrooms on mood disorders and anxiety.  Please use responsibly.

Huautla HIGHQ Micro Dose Psilocybin Capsules 100mg.  20vegan capsules containing :

100mg Psilocybe (psychoactive)

100mg Cacao

100mg Ginger

1 vegetable capsule

Recommended dose 1-3 capsules 2-5x a week.



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