SyZyGy is a classic Psilocybe cubesis magic mushroom. SyZyGy magic mushrooms will open up your creativity and original thoughts, enhance your social behavior and those warm fuzzy feelings. SyZyGy magic mushrooms can deliver incredible visual hallucinations with eyes both opened and closed. This magic mushroom is thought to have been created by the historic activist and psychonaut, Terrance McKenna. SyZyGy was the name of the shop of the McKenna brothers in Honaunau, Hawaïi

Origin: Honaunau, Hawaï

Various Names: Syzygy, SyZygy, Syzy

Background: Syzygy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Syzygy) is an older strain that is an absolute classic that dates back to the 80’s. Syzygy was named after the shop Terence McKenna (historic activist and psychonaut) and his brother Dennis use to run out in Hawaii. Terence personally grew this cubensis strain himself and used to promote them by running ads in the back of High times magazine. Syzygy shrooms are very potent and a must try strain if you’re a cubensis veteran.

Distinctive Properties: Syzygy shrooms boast beautiful caps and generally have fruiting bodies that are medium in size with dense stalks and a golden caramel with tan white sprinkled cap.

Effects: Syzygy shrooms are rather potent and delivers a nice deep visual hallucination whether your eyes are open or closed and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. This strain is known to open up your creativity and turn your sociability up a few notch.

CAUTION! It is strongly advised not to drink alcohol while taking magic mushrooms. That’s ANY kind of booze, yes even beer. If you are on any anti-depression medication you are best to be very careful with your dosage. Ironically, SSRIs (Selective Seratonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) tend to also inhibit the effects of psilocybin, often blocking the psychoactive effects of taking shrooms completely. 

Always keep your dried magic mushrooms in a dry and dark spot at or close to room temperature as exposure to either light or heat will reduce the effective amount of hallucinogens, while any moisture getting in can result in molds and other nasties contaminating your shrooms, making them dangerous to consume. So very important to keep 100% dry. 

ALWAYS Keep out of the reach of children and pets.


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